Car shopping does not have to be a hassle. We help everyday consumers like you find smart deals on new and used cars before heading out the door. We know that purchasing a car, like a home, is an emotional decision. Often times, when consumers are already on the dealer lot, it’s hard to “walk away” instead of "driving away”. Furthermore, many people purchase the vehicle without knowing the absolute bottom line pricing.

CarShen.com is the answer.

CarShen.com uses proprietary technology to help you find the bottom line dealer pricing and invoice pricing based on your zip code and other geographic factors.

CarShen Average Price: (CAP)

Our database contains key pricing indicators and will display average price of what other people are paying for the vehicle you’re considering purchasing or leasing.

Know Before You Head to the Dealer

It can be intimidating trying to negotiate a better price at the dealership. CarShen.com enables you to have all the information before leaving home. This reduces the time spent at the dealership and prevents “back-and-forth” haggling. We believe that you deserve to have the best pricing for the vehicle of your choice. After all you worked hard for it.

Highest Rated Dealers

Where do you go to find good dealers? How can you be sure of the their reputation? We are not just another car shopping website. We use the power of social connectivity to help you identify quality and highest rated dealerships nearest to you with the best pricing.

Car Shopping Gone Social

We will be launching a completely social-ized car shopping experience. It’s a top-secret project!